Hi, I am Grace!

I am a full time mama and graduate student by day and a photographer by night. I'm currently in the process of getting a dual masters degree in school counseling and licensed mental health counseling! I have a wonderful, hardworking husband who dedicates himself to helping others in the EMS field and together we share two little boys.

I dabbled in photography in high-school and began taking elective courses in college to break up to tedious coursework. I quickly found a love of photography, it gave me a creative outlet and allowed my mind to escape. Fast forward a few years and my then boyfriend-now husband moved to WA and it wasn't until I was there when I really craved capturing the beauty that is the pacific northwest and those that call it home and thus, Simply Grace Photography was born! Since then we have moved back to where I am from, California and I am excited to begin capturing my home states beauty!

I thoroughly enjoy being able to capture unique moments in others lives' whether they be simple or extravagant I see the beauty in all of life's authentic moments.